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WITRON expands storage capacities for the dairy company Privatmolkerei Bechtel

Photo: Privatmolkerei Bechtel

Parkstein/Schwarzenfeld. The Privatmolkerei Bechtel company awarded the general contractor, WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH, from Parkstein with the realization of a new fresh food warehouse including a connection to the production and storage facilities at the site in Schwarzenfeld (Germany). A special challenge is to integrate the compact logistics system within the defined property areas in a very confined space during ongoing operation. The implementation will be carried out in several stages.

Construction stage 1 comprises the erection of a front-zone building for the new fresh food warehouse including space for inbound and outbound. The front-zone building will be connected to the existing facilities (logistics and production) via two transport bridges. The longest transport bridge is 90 meters / 295 feet long with a transport height of almost 5 meters / 16 feet.

The second realization stage includes the implementation of a high bay warehouse in silo design behind the front-zone building and the connection to the logistics network via IT and conveyor technology. The five-aisle automated high bay warehouse is designed for a double-deep storage of 8,064 Euro pallets. The supply and disposal are handled by five stacker cranes. Fresh products are stored at an ambient temperature of 4° C / 39° F. An inbound area for third-party products, empties, and packaging material is located in front of the storage area, whereas the packaging material will be stored in a separate area in the front-zone building. The outbound area is divided into six loading boxes and is supplied by a transfer car.

Realization stage 1 will be completed in October 2018. Realization stage 2 is expected to be productive in July 2019.

The Naabtaler Milchwerke (Privatmolkerei Bechtel) was founded in 1908 and today ranks among the largest and most important dairy companies throughout Germany. The company employs 600 staff members and achieves a revenue of 400 million Euros. More than one million kilogram / 2,200,000 pounds of milk find its way to the production of various milk and cheese specialties.  The products are distributed to 27 national and international countries.

The logistics center in Schwarzenfeld was first realized by WITRON in 1991 and has been continually expanded over the years and adapted to the latest state of technology.