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French food retailer received award for WITRON logistics solution

E. Leclerc SCAPALSACE wins two awards with WITRON systems

Image: 3-D-Bild WITRON

Image: Sylvie Humbert

Colmar/Strasbourg/Parkstein. It is a long-standing tradition that leading French magazines award their most important logistics prizes just before Christmas in Paris. Two of these famous prizes were awarded to the retailer E. Leclerc SCAPALSACE at the end of 2015. E. Leclerc operates its distribution center in Colmar with the innovative logistics solutions OPM (Order Picking Machinery), CPS (Car Picking System), ALP (Automated Layer Picker), as well as an automated shipping buffer - designed and implemented by the general contractor, WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH from Parkstein (Germany).  

In front of numerous representatives of French trade companies, François Langlet (responsible project manager at E. Leclerc) and Jean-Marc Heilig (WITRON) received the "Trophées de l'innovation Supply Chain" from the most important French retail magazine "LSA" at the Salle Wagram, near the triumphal arch in Paris. WITRON's concept convinced the jury thanks to its cost-efficiency, ergonomics, and sustainability. "The fully automated OPM solution optimizes all material flow processes and is a step into a new era of logistics for France", according to the jury.  

E. Leclerc SCAPALSACE also received the title for "Ecological Sustainability" awarded for the first time by the logistics magazine "Stratégies Logistique" in the course of the "World Class Logistics" congress in Paris' business district, La Défense. The experts were very impressed by the optimal use of the trailer loading space enabled by the combination of optimal pallet building by the OPM and sequence- and tour-friendly provision through an automated dispatch buffer.  The result: safety for route scheduling, significant savings in transport costs, and an enormous reduction of CO2emissions. 

Since 2014, E. Leclerc's distribution center in Colmar has been supplying more than 100 hypermarkets, supermarkets, and drives in the Alsace region with over 12,000 different items from the dry goods assortment.  The system is designed to handle a peak pick performance of 165,000 cases per day. Meanwhile, four additional regional companies of E. Leclerc opted for WITRON's automated solutions used in their distribution centers.