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INEX trusts Witron expertise for big new distribution centre

INEX Partners Oy, the logistics service provider of the S Group, has commissioned general contractor Witron Logistik + Informatik from Parkstein in Germany to realise material handling equipment to a big new 53,000 m2 distribution centre. Witron managed to impress by presenting the best overall concept in an ideas contest and by boasting long-standing experience with the realisation of projects of this magnitude.

This means that from March 2012, the Sipoo site close to the capital Helsinki will be home to one of the largest logistics plants in Scandinavia supplying goods to some 1,200 outlets of the S Group.

Articles will span a huge variety of product groups, from clothing, cosmetics and sports items to electronic equipment, garden items and furniture, and right through to spare parts for cars and agricultural machinery.

To achieve perfect synchronisation of all the logistical requirements with maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness, the highly dynamic Witron picking modules DPS (Dynamic Picking System), OPS (Order Picking System) and CPS (Car Picking System) will be used.

With the new distribution centre, the logistics service provider INEX will be perfectly capable of covering the constant growth of all S Group store chains. Through quicker deliveries that are more needs-oriented and tailored to the different store sizes and formats, the level of service for customers will be raised further. What is more, it will be possible to expand the e-commerce and spare parts business systematically with the new warehouse.

The S Group, the market leading Finnish trade company, employs 37,735 people in total. S Group’s retail sales were EUR 11.821 billion in 2008. The logistics service provider INEX Partners Oy had 1,793 employees in 2008 and posted revenue of EUR 1.754 billion.