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Modernisation Services

With the Modernization Services you will ensure the long-term value retention and investment protection of your logistics system.

Regular upgrades and migrations of the IT systems and software are necessary to constantly ensure the supportability of your system. The professional WITRON Services ensure a smooth operation of your system also after the modifications.

When basic conditions in the Supply Chain change, you also have to adapt your system. We have the experts available who can functionally expand, adjust and optimize your system in a fast and reliable way.

Is your distribution center getting on in years? We do not only modernize but also make it a visionary distribution center. Our concepts for warehouse modernization, mechanics retrofit, control and automation technology modernization include state-of-the-art conveyor and control technologies that have proven in many highly-dynamic systems. This ensures top quality, real life time extension and sustainably reduces ongoing operating costs.

The retrofit concepts help us make your systems energy-efficient and visionary. With our dynamic energy saving components you can sustainably reduce energy costs – for your benefit and for the benefit of our environment.

Service Features

  • Consequent project management concepts and down competence teams for realization of all system areas
  • Efficient and proven upgrade and modernization concepts
  • Individual and customized transition concepts combined with flexible realization planning during retrofit and extensions
  • Guaranteed operational functionality during migrations and modernizations
  • Precisely synchronized project schedules with on-time realization
  • Comprehensive test systems for software, controls and mechanics
  • Integration of standardized components with state-of-the-art and maintenance friendly technology

Your Benefits

  • Increased flexibility and productivity through system adaptations and extension
  • Update of system ergonomics and safety standards ensure meeting operational regulations and requirements
  • Investment protection and substantial system life time extensions through efficient modernization concepts
  • Risk minimization through concepts based on extensive modernization know how and project experience
  • Optimization of total cost of ownership through sustainable upgrade planning
  • Economic energy saving concepts contributing to corporate environmental responsibility