Be innovative. Be committed. Be successful.


„Future needs roots – True to this motto, the WITRON Group offers perspectives for the next generation. "Only those who have strong roots, think on a long-term and dare to be creative", says Walter Winkler. Companies can only be innovative and successful if they can rely on well-educated and motivated employees.

The WITRON Group offers the security and friendly atmosphere of a successful family company within an industry sector poised for future growth. At an early stage, employees receive the possibility to take over responsibility. The result is loyalty and above-average commitment of our staff.

Family Business

Flat hierarchies, fast decision processes, long-term and sustainable mindset and work, the human being is the focus, the deep rootedness in Parkstein - WITRON stands for all of that. One can see and feel this affiliation to the landscape and the people, even though WITRON and its systems are the cutting edge of technology. The large buildings and flat company pavilions with their wooden construction and natural colors are perfectly integrated into the rural environment - true to the motto: from the region for the region. This is how WITRON lives the idea of a future-oriented, modern family business.

Career Opportunities

For more than 40 years, the WITRON Group has grown continuously and in a healthy way. For the future, WITRON is expecting a continued strong growth on the international market. Based on the proceeding internationalization and the dynamic change of the markets, lifelong learning of our employees is indispensable and will become even more important in the future. Therefore, the credo "encourage and challenge" of the owner, Walter Winkler, is omnipresent.

This is why practical education and further development of our employees is a very important issue for us. These elements of personnel development are the key to further improve our products and performances and to ensure WITRON's success in the long-term.

True to the motto "career even without studies", we aspire to continuously support junior staff, to educate and further develop them professionally and personally. Based on the huge international growth and the broad article range within the WITRON Group, motivated colleagues will have promising development possibilities within the company. The goal is to individually support the personal strengths of every employee.

To put it simple: We are aware of the fact that sustainability and success are based on the knowledge and experience of our employees. This is why we invest into our staff members.


As a family business, we create a leading-edge logistics solution for our customers - and a pioneering work environment for our employees. Crisis-proof, future driven, and attractive - with regards to tasks and remuneration. Everyone who knows WITRON also knows that social commitment is of great importance. Not only towards social issues, but especially towards their own employees. Therefore, the company provides a wide range of social benefits that are offered to the employees in many different ways and that are in no case taken for granted.


Being cosmopolitan means: To further develop on the basis of ones roots.

For more than 40 years, WITRON leaves its footsteps within the international logistics world. The credo is to be "international and cosmopolitan". Performance is the gateway to the world WITRON. However, internationality has never become an end in itself for WITRON. It is not our priority to be at as many different countries of the world as possible. It is our goal to realize orders where our competence and performance fit to the requests of our customers - and where there is a good fit with the clients.

Nevertheless, WITRON employs people from 32 different nations today, operates subsidiaries in seven countries (Netherlands, Great, Britain, France, Spain, USA, Canada, and Singapore) and has realized projects in 54 countries in the past four decades. However, the typical mentality of "being down to earth" has always remained the central element of the corporate culture - and has at the same time become the breeding ground for the international development.

To operate within an international business means for every employee to adapt to new challenges, and to find out about other cultures. This happens in the course of deployments abroad as well as through the international contact with colleagues and customers initiated from Parkstein. To broaden one's mind, to further develop inter-culturally and linguistically - all this means WITRON's internationality for all colleagues.

The WITRON Group stands for:

  • Innovation and logistics
  • Commitment to our customers day and night
  • Working hard
  • The Upper Palatinate mentality of being down to earth
  • Actively-living the culture of a family business
  • Trust in our employees' expertise


„These are values on which the success of the WITRON Group is based and we remain true to these values today and in the future.“

WITRON founder Walter Winkler.