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Retrofits and modernization

of storage systems, warehouse technology, conveyor systems, order picking, warehouse management, controls, and drives

When basic conditions in the supply chain change, you must adapt your system. We have the experts available who can functionally expand, adjust, and optimize your system in a fast and reliable way.

Is your distribution center getting on in years? We will not only modernize it, but we can also improve your material flow processes. Our concepts for the modernization of storage systems, mechanical retrofits, controls, and drives include state-of-the-art conveyor systems, order picking technologies, and warehouse management systems that have proven to be efficient in our highly dynamic installations. This ensures a top quality, solid life-time extension and reduces ongoing operating costs sustainably.

The retrofit concepts and upgrade packs we offer, helps us make your systems energy-efficient. With our dynamic and energy-saving components you can sustainably reduce energy costs - for your benefit and for the benefit of our environment.

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