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Mercadona Abrera: WITRON OPM also for fresh goods area

The success story between Mercadona and WITRON has reached another milestone. After the leading Spanish food retailer opted for WITRON's OPM technology for its frozen goods warehouse in Abrera (Barcelona) at the end of 2012,...more


EDEKA Nordbayern-Sachsen-Thueringen: New logistics center in Berbersdorf

WITRON solution for complete article assortment and all temperature rangesmore


WITRON's deep-freeze technology for the fourth Mercadona site

Mercadona, Spain's largest food retailer, opts again for WITRON's OPM technology. The general contractor from Parkstein, Germany will design and install its OPM system for automated case picking at Mercadona's new frozen goods...more


Successful in terms of projects, innovation, and growth

WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH increased its sales to 240 million Euros in 2012 and employs 1,700 staff members worldwide.more


Two good reasons to celebrate!

Fully-automated handling of goods through a logistics center, from receiving to shipping - largely without human intervention? more


Cost-efficient management of empties with mechanized empties buffer

The situation is always the same: When shipment is completed, trailers return to the warehouse with empty pallets, roll containers, and Isotainers. more


WITRON realizes one of the world's largest food retail logistics centers in Finland

INEX Partners Oy, the logistics service provider for the leading Finnish trading enterprise S Group, awarded WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH, a systems integrator from Parkstein, with the realization of one of the world's...more

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