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Automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS)

order picking into totes and shipping cartons

For the highly dynamic picking of toteable articles in the automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS) according to the goods-to-person-principle or the person-to-goods-principle, and supported by pick-by-light, pick-to-tote, put-to-light, or order picking systems, WITRON can refer to the best references across the world.

ATS - Automated Tote System

WITRON’s ATS concept enables the fully automated sortation and stacking of dispatch units, consisting of plastic totes (and/or beverage crates), which have been filled with goods from an in-house production department or externally by a supplier.

BOS - Box Order System

WITRON’s fully automated storage and picking system, BOS (Box Order System), sets new standards for the fresh food warehouse when it comes to product handling as well as flexibility, efficiency, and ergonomics.

DPS - Dynamic Picking System

WITRON’s tote picking system DPS works according to both, the goods-to-person and the person-to-goods principles. Depending on the order structure, the items are provided in stagnant and dynamic pick slots, thus enabling constant optimization of the pick front.

E-DPS - Ergonomic-Dynamic Picking System

The basic structure of the E-DPS module consists of an automated small parts warehouse that handles storage, replenishment, and consolidation functions. A basic module is defined with 20,000 tote locations, two stacker cranes, three PMLs, one vertical conveyor, and two picking workstations.

OFP - Optimal Fresh Picking

The fully automated storage and picking system OFP (Optimal Fresh Picking) sets new standards within the fresh food environment either within product handling and with regards to flexibility, efficiency, and ergonomics.

OPS - Order Picking System

WITRON’s automated tote picking system named OPS is an integration of an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS), a distribution loop, and multiple upstream picking workstation. All items are provided automatically at the picking workstations according to the goods-to-person principle. Items are provided for picking and packing according to order prioritization, order consolidation and volume.