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Order Picking Machinery

fully-automated case picking for food retail

Since its market launch the patented and award-winning storage and picking system OPM has with no doubt become the world's most successful automated storage and picking system in food retail. With OPM, it is possible to automatically stack some 95% of the entire article spectrum for a full-range provider onto pallets or roll containers in a store-friendly manner. The heart of the system is the loading device called COM (Case Order Machine), which is capable of picking cases carefully and in a store-friendly sequence onto load carriers - the system output amounts to more than 500 picks per hour. OPM is used in the dry goods assortment, the fresh food area, and the frozen goods sector.

OPM technology generates significant advantages along the entire supply chain. Starting with benefits within the distribution centers (high cost-efficiency and ergonomics), optimization during transport (up to 20% more densely packed pallets or roll containers), through to synergies in the supermarket (store-friendly picking).

Due to the modularity and flexibility of the system, it is possible to use this technology cost-efficiently for almost all warehouse sizes without any problems - no matter if the distribution center handles 15,000 cases per day or more than 300,000 cases per day - no matter if the product range consists of 300 articles or far more than 10,000 articles.

The long-standing experiences from the projects realized so far show that the use of OPM generates an extensive package of advantages for the operator. This package contains sustainable competitive advantages and differentiation characteristics in terms of product availability and store service in the supermarket, as well as increased cost-effectiveness and efficiency within the entire supply chain. Based on its ergonomic work processes, an extremely space-efficient and energy-efficient technology, and the optimal trailer load, OPM is pioneering in terms of sustainability.


Level of automation:

Picking units:

Store-friendly case picking, Picking onto pallets and roll containers, Can be used within all product and temperature zones

Industry sector:
Food retail


  • Automation of all processes from receiving to dispatch
  • Fully-automated order picking by means of the Case Order Machine "COM"
  • Maximum availability through the use of trays
  • Fully-automated picking of different cases
  • OPM is used within the dry goods assortment as well as in perishable and frozen environments
  • No need for personnel within the material flow process
  • Picking onto either pallet or roll container
  • Store-friendly picking according to the store layout