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Order Fulfillment System

The flexible and successful E-Commerce logistics concept

The retail world is changing - always and within all distribution channels. Enterprises need to keep their front-end logistics on a high level and adapt it to upcoming requirements simultaneously - while customer demands, trends, and fashion change every day. Consequently, the logistics experts are required to take action. However, the search for new solutions is quite difficult as the design basics are hard to define in such a dynamic environment. This is a huge challenge on the supplier's and the operator's side - and it can only be resolved with new concepts - right? The wheel does not always need to be reinvented, and ground-breaking innovations can arise from a solid ground of standard modules that have been proven in practice already. WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH, the general contractor from Parkstein, Germany, has proven exactly that through the new E-Commerce solution OFS (Order Fulfillment System).

OPS as the basis

In this compact and clearly structured E-Commerce solution, the worldwide successful WITRON OPS system (Order Picking System) acts as logistical core element that is able to efficiently manage small, middle, and very broad article ranges. Highly dynamic mechanics elements as well as small, light, and high-speed stacker cranes with double parallel loading device units allow shortest possible throughput times with the focus on same-day-delivery or next-day-delivery. Multi-functional workstations ensure maximum flexibility and the fulfillment of individual customer demands. Integrated packaging lines and a warehouse management system equipped with a large number of E-Commerce functionalities optimizes the delivery process in a sustainable manner.


Level of automation:

Picking units:
Single parts / unit of consumption

Combination of proven standard modules to one, flexible + modular E-Commerce solution, Efficient returns concept, Goods-to-person

Industry sector:
E-Commerce Non-Food / General Merchandise


  • Picking principle: Goods-to-person
  • Case picking system
  • Efficient management of small, medium, and broad article ranges
  • Modular design - optimally suited for start-up companies
  • Transparent returns management, directly integrated into the system
  • Multi-functional, ergonomic workstations with highest flexibility
  • Error-free order picking through visualization and test station
  • Optimization of the warehouse filling degree possible through the use of totes with inserts
  • Use of practically proven standard modules
  • Order completion directly at one workstation
  • Integrated packaging lines
  • Picking of large-volume articles and non-toteable articles integrated into the overall process