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WITOOL – full transparency for all service activities

High cost-efficiency, cost control, effectiveness, timesavings, and transparency for all required service and maintenance tasks with simple implementation and user-friendly handling at the same time. With its web-based WITOOL software package, the logistics expert, WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH, offers innovative and practically optimized service management tools for the maintenance of its logistics systems. In addition, the WITOOL software tool can be used even if the actual logistics or production supply system was not implemented by WITRON.

With its innovative and integrated logistics solutions, the Upper Palatinate general contractor, WITRON, is one of the market leaders in the design and realization of highly dynamic picking systems. With the WITOOL packages, WITRON continues to consequently implement its successful wholistic approach towards all processes in the service and maintenance sector. 

Customer demands successfully integrated in WITOOL
"Service managers from trade and industry are looking for sophisticated management tools that are easy to handle and generate valuable benefits: Benefits in terms of a permanently high availability of the used logistics technologies. Benefits due to timesavings when executing fault and maintenance tasks. Benefits in the spare parts management. Benefits in terms of an optimal use of personnel and staff, as well as benefits based on responsibility, cost control, transparency, and documentation. Or to put it simply: Benefits with regards to high efficiency and cost-effectiveness when executing all service tasks within a logistics system", according to Christian Dietl, responsible executive manager for WITRON Services. "And with WITOOL we have developed a solution that has been quickly established on the market so that all these customer demands can successfully be realized". 

Can be used in different required areas
Flexible cloud hosting models as well as open interfaces allow for smooth implementation in a variety of maintenance areas. Regardless of whether being used in logistics centers, production plants, truck fleets, or facility management, the WITOOL modules optimize all service and maintenance processes in a practically applicable manner. 

"The WITOOL modules are based on more than 40 years of practical experience from design, realization, service, maintenance, and the operation of highly dynamic logistics systems for trade and industry. Founded on this extensive know how, the WITRON technicians, in close cooperation with our own maintenance teams, our own mechanics production team, and our customers, developed system modules that are exactly tailored to the practical needs and demands of the maintenance sector. Through a continuous further development process we are able to provide innovative and highly available maintenance management tools to the users."

Four main modules - independently applicable
WITOOL is composed of four main modules, whereas every single module can be used independently also as standalone solution. The pioneering WITOOL applications are hosted by WITRON and provided online via the web. Internet access on the user's side is sufficient to work with WITOOL across the globe. An own server and database infrastructure on-site or special technical know-how is not required.  Optionally, an individual, decentral installation is also possible. 

WITOOL Maintenance Management System optimizes, structures, organizes, and documents all maintenance process. All tasks, dates, and maintenance cycles can be planned and traced into the smallest detail. 

The WITOOL Event Guiding System permanently monitors all errors and the entire service team. EGS classifies the type and priority of the error, determines the best-qualified technician, and ensures optimal coordination of the operating and maintenance personnel especially in complex or extensive systems. 

WITOOL Parts Management System covers the entire spare parts inventory management - from product information over supplier and warehouse management, replenishment cycles, warranty terms, through to repair processing.

The WITOOL Health and Safety Management is used to support occupational safety management. The operator is automatically informed about due and periodic inspections and safety checks for e. g. operating equipment, protective clothing, or safety training of employees.  Executed measurements will be documented consistently and important information is available at any time.

Clear process structures, user-friendly surfaces, and transparent dialogs, as well as full multi-language capability make WITOOL easy to understand and to learn for the user. The most important dialogs are optimized for the mobile use by means of tablets or smart phones.  Regular software updates permanently keep the system up to date. Clear statistics and reports provide sustainable and ISO-compliant documentation and traceability of maintenance activities. 

WITOOL provides many benefits
The benefits for the use of the WITOOL Services are obvious for the responsible service manager. 

  • High cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and cost transparency for all spare parts, repair, maintenance, and support activities
  • Best possible use of employees
  • Time-savings for the execution of all service tasks
  • Operational reliability through effective monitoring and control of the maintenance processes
  • Process optimization and quality management on an extensive and transparent information basis
  • State-of-the-art technology - flexible use across the globe
  • No costs for the additional purchase of server and database infrastructure
  • Fast implementation with minimum training efforts

Numerous references - nationally and internationally
"WITOOL is a collection of service management tools - developed by experts for experts - and find a high level of acceptance on the market", explains Christian Dietl. "Maintenance teams from different industries and application areas across the globe already opted for the use of the modules and use their benefits and potentials on a daily basis in their logistics centers and production plants".

More than 80 customers nationally and internationally currently rely on the various possibilities that are included in the maintenance management software. Among them are market-leading food retailers like Kroger (USA), Sobeys (Canada), Mercadona (Spain), COOP (Norway), Delhaize (Belgium), SPAR (Austria), or Sainsburys (UK). In addition, E. Leclerc in France is convinced of these possibilities and the British drugstore chain Boots, or the Health & Beauty specialist CVS (USA), too. German customers like EDEKA, EDNA, FEBI, Pepperl + Fuchs, Porsche, Salutas, or Staedtler Mars opt for different modules of the solution to provide the best possible delivery service with the successful combination of an innovative logistics center with innovative service modules day after day. Since its market launch, WITRON can look back to a respectable number of 1,200 user licenses. 

According to WITRON service manager Christian Dietl, the maintenance management software can principally be used for all service teams. "The criteria for the use of the WITOOL modules do not depend on the size or the throughput of a logistics center or the size of the service team", according to Dietl. "The only decision criterion is whether the various tasks of the service specialist can be further optimized through the use of these "tools", so the WITRON Manager.

Meanwhile, almost all WITRON customers decide to use WITOOL when purchasing a new logistics system. Numerous products from competitors implemented at sites of WITRON's old customers were replaced by WITOOL.

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