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Additional huge joint project awarded

Photo Mercadona

Photo Mercadona

The Spanish food retailer, Mercadona, has already successfully automated its fresh and frozen goods logistics with WITRON's technology at its location in Abrera. At the end of November 2014, WITRON was also awarded the project to design and realize the new dry goods assortment distribution center. Both companies have been maintaining a close logistics partnership for more than 10 years. 

Starting in 2017, the plant with a size of 40,000 square meters / 430,000 square feet located near Barcelona, will supply all Mercadona stores in the region of Catalonia. Together, all assortment areas of the fully automated logistics center in Abrera - dry, perishable, frozen - cover a total building surface of more than 110,000 square meters / 1,185,000 square feet. Like the temperature-controlled areas, the OPM system (Order Picking Machinery) is also the logistical core element in the new dry goods assortment.  

On a peak day, 24 COMs (Case Order Machine) palletize more than 230,000 cases fully automatically. The AS/RS, which supplies the COMs, covers a total of 315,000 tray locations, spread over 48 aisles. Moreover, the distribution center supplies up to 11,400 display and full pallets to the stores on a daily basis. The consolidation of these pallets to optimal transport units is done through WITRON's PSSM system (Pallet Storage Stacking Machinery) in the 17-aisle high bay warehouse, which contains 16,400 pallet locations.  The consolidation of small orders with single-item pallets stacked through the OPM is also done in this area. 

Mercadona is the leading food retailer in Spain and ranks among the largest retailers in Europe.  The company currently employs more than 74,000 staff members and operates 1,521 stores.  The revenue achieved in 2014 amounted to 20.16 billion Euros.  

In addition to its location in Abrera, the family-owned enterprise has been relying on WITRON's OPM technology in their logistics centers in Ciempozuelos (Madrid) and Villadangos del Páramo (León) for many years.  The solution is being used with high cost-efficiency also in the frozen goods logistics center in Ribarroja de Turia (Valencia).  

As a general contractor, the logistics experts from Parkstein are responsible for the entire design and realization of all IT, control engineering, and mechanical components. WITRON’s subsidiary FAS supply the major part of the conveyor system elements. FAS is also responsible for the project design of the AS/RS steel construction.