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WITRON realizes new logistics center for ATP

Auto-Teile-Pöllath Handels GmbH (“ATP”) is an Upper Palatinate family company founded in 1989 with a total of 200 employees. They have recently selected innovative e-commerce solutions from WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH for their logistic expansion plans.  

More than 20,000 ATP customers from Germany and neighboring countries place their orders via the Internet. Those internet customers can select from more than 9,500 different products from the automotive area, especially spare and wear parts, tools, and automotive equipment.

Productive use for the new logistics center in Pressath is planned for May 2013. In a peak hour, the new center will process up to 1,400 customer orders and ship some 1,500 packages. The goal is to provide customers with next day service if they order by 3:00 PM.

"The proximity of ATP to WITRON was not the only reason for awarding them with the order. Among many other competitors, WITRON convinced us with the best solution which perfectly fits our various requirements", says ATP owner Peter Poellath. "The WITRON logistics modules are cost-efficient, innovative, ergonomic, and designed for further growth. This is what we were looking for to further increase our customer service".  

Based on the throughput and the article structure, ATP will implement the goods-to-man solution OPS (Order Picking System) as well as the pallet picking system “Ergonomic Pallet Picking (ETP).  

The OPS solution will be composed of a 7-aisle AS/RS with more than 40,000 locations. 8 workstations will enable picking directly into dispatch cartons according to dynamics and flexibility required for the E-Commerce business. An additional 6 workstations can be added in the future to meet growth.

Heavy and bulky articles will be picked with the ETP module using three man-aboard pick mobiles (full build-out to 12) within a 7 aisle pallet high bay warehouse consisting of 12,000 locations. WITRON’s patented ETP pick modules have been certified by TUV in terms of ergonomics.

Orders will be picked in three aisles, while four aisles will be equipped with automatic stacker cranes for replenishment of the pick front. The pick mobiles will be compactly aligned in every pick aisle - two mobiles on the same rail down-aisle, and two-levels of mobiles, one atop the other.  

Customer orders will be picked from pallets into a pick container equipped with a shelf. This approach will enable multiple orders to be picked in parallel by one employee. Pick mobiles will be automatically guided to the correct picking locations, and a terminal on the mobile will display pick quantity to insure maximum picking accuracy.

Completely picked orders will be transported to the packing workstations via transfer cars and dispatch lanes. A customer-related order consolidation between the OPS area and the ETP area will insure that a customer receives the fewest number of packages possible for his or her order.

Besides the system design, WITRON will also be responsible for the entire realization, information technology, and PLC control system. WITRON will also supply many of the mechanical elements within the system.