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EDEKA Nord expands its logistics center with WITRON


Parkstein, Germany. EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Nord mbH is underlining its positive business development by expanding its state-of-the-art logistics center in Zarrentin (Germany) by installing two additional Case Order Machines (COM) during ongoing operations. The general contractor from Parkstein (Upper Palatinate, Germany) who designed and realized the distribution center, was also awarded the new expansion contract thanks to its proven technology.

The modular expandability has been one of the most important aspects of the joint design of WITRON and EDEKA Nord when the project originally started. The system now benefits from this conceptual foresight. With two additional COMs, four additional stacker cranes, and 45,000 storage locations in the automated tray warehouse, as well as an additional fully automated stretch-wrapper, the pick volume of the system can be significantly increased. Once expansion is completed at the end of Q3 / 2019, EDEKA Nord will have a total of 16 Case Order Machines in operation resulting in the fully automated case picking onto pallets and roll containers. In addition to the OPM, picking is also carried out with WITRON’s mechanized systems DPS (Dynamic Picking System) and DPP (Display Pallet Picking System). A fully automated shipping buffer optimizes the dispatch process. The storage and supply of the logistics areas with empty pallets / roll containers will be controlled via an automated empties buffer. 

EDEKA Nord supplies more than 280 markets with almost 17,000 different dry goods from the logistics center in Zarrentin, which has a footprint of 76,000 square meters / 818,000 square feet.

EDEKA Nord - Profile

EDEKA Nord is headquartered in Neumuenster (Germany) and is one of seven cooperative wholesalers of the EDEKA Group. With some 700 stores and a combined store footprint of approx. 785,000 square meters / 8, 449,600 square feet, it occupies a leading position in northern Germany’s food retail sector. The sales area covers Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-West-Pomerania, as well as parts of Lower Saxony, and Brandenburg. A group revenue of 3.0 billion Euros in 2017 further strengthens the leading role as a local supplier. The three logistics centers in Neumuenster, Malchow, and Zarrentin are in charge of the supply of all retail stores. EDEKA Nord guarantees “freshness for the North” with its own production facilities for meat and sausage products, as well as bakery products. The independent EDEKA merchants set their marks by offering a mixed range of brands, own brands, and regional products tailored to the local customers’ needs. They stand for food quality and enjoyment.  EDEKA Nord is one of the largest employers in the north with some 5,600 staff members and trains more than 1,400 young people in wholesale, retail, and production operations.