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40 years of logistics passion

The systems integrator WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH from Parkstein celebrates a milestone with its 40th birthday. The company has grown from a one-man enterprise founded by Walter Winkler 40 years ago, to an international market leader in the design and realization of automated logistics and picking systems. “A lot has changed since 1971, but the basics remained the same” according to the owner, Walter Winkler. “Our passion for innovation and logistics, being available for our customers 24/7, working hard, remaining down-to-earth, adhering to the culture of a family company, and trust in our employees’ skills – these values are the basis of WITRON’s success – and they will continue to be as we move into the future.”

Over the past four decades, WITRON has successfully realized more than 2,000 logistics projects across the world. An astounding 80% of regular customers – that means customers that have realized already two or more distribution centers with WITRON – is symbolic for the customer’s contentment and the high degree of loyalty towards the company. Many of WITRON’s patented and award-winning picking systems like OPM, DPS, ETP and OPS have helped to shape the logistics market.  

Today, the general contractor employs more than 1,250 people in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada, the UK, Spain and France, and generates annual revenue of more than 200 million Euros. The relationship to its staff members is an important social responsibility for WITRON. So far, almost 1,000 young people have been trained in technical and commercial professions within WITRON’s apprenticeship program, with an additional 60 trainees added in 2011. WITRON has strived to provide stability for its employees, and has never implemented lay-offs or work-hour reductions due to a shortage of work.

WITRON has sent another signal to its employees with the construction of a new 18,000 square meter facility for its subsidiary, FAS. This 20-million-Euro investment has generated 140 additional workplaces and apprenticeships for state-of-the-art conveyor production in Parkstein.

The development of ergonomic workstations will play an increasingly important role for WITRON in the future. For the realization it is important to generate optimum profitability and efficiency by using integrated logistics solutions across the entire supply chain – from the supplier to the end customer. “We consequently keep on working”, says Walter Winkler, “because there is still a lot to do”.