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Headquarters Parkstein

In a rurally characterized environment, the WITRON Group as a family enterprise, has developed from a "one-man company" to one of the market leaders within the logistics sector since its foundation in 1971. Since the company's foundation, the corporate group continued to grow, especially at its headquarters in Parkstein. Meanwhile, the company employs more than 1,200 people in Parkstein.

The WITRON group stands for its mentality of being down to earth and has deep roots in the rural area. One can see and feel this affiliation to the landscape and the people, even though WITRON and its systems are the cutting edge of technology.

The large buildings and flat company pavilions with their wooden construction and natural colors are perfectly integrated into the rural environment - true to the motto: from the region for the region.

On Site locations in Germany

The WITRON On Site Service has profound experience and competence in service, maintenance, and operation of logistics systems. We offer the possibility to fully or partially take over the technical and operational responsibility for the logistics system of our customers on site. Our On Site service teams guarantee long-term availability and productivity for the fully automated warehouse logistics.

The following locations in Germany belong to the WITRON Group:


The EDEKA corporate group Nordbayern-Sachsen-Thueringen has selected a logistics and picking system from WITRON, which is to be used in its logistics center (48,000 square meters / 516,667 square feet) located in Berbersdorf (Saxony), Germany. After a step-by-step ramp-up, the warehouse, located at the A4-Highway, will supply some 520 EDEKA markets with more than 12,000 different articles out of an assortment of dry goods, perishable goods, gourmet food, meat, fruits, vegetables, and frozen goods. Automated WITRON solutions will pick up to 378,000 cases on a peak day - store-friendly onto pallets, roll containers, deep-freeze boxes, or into totes. The empties management and the dispatch area will be optimized by innovative WITRON solutions. As a general contractor, WITRON took over the entire process from design through to realization. Our On Site employees will be responsible for the service and maintenance of the system in the long-term. 

Landsberg am Lech

At the beginning of July 2011, EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Suedbayern mbH entrusted WITRON with the planning and realization of a new logistics center for dry goods in Landsberg am Lech (Bavaria). From the first quarter of 2013 onwards, the distribution center will supply nearly 1,700 stores with almost 16,000 different articles. That corresponds to a peak performance of 311,000 trading units per day, all within a compact footprint of 269,000 square feet. As a general contractor, WITRON is also responsible for the service and maintenance of all automated processes within the logistics center. 


As the first food retailer in Germany, EDEKA-Regionalgesellschaft Rhein/Ruhr located in Hamm, decided in 2004 to use the fully automated and patented OPM technology from WITRON, which has been successfully operated since 2006. Moreover, EDEKA Rhein/Ruhr decided in favor of WITRON for other areas and solutions. EDEKA Rhein / Ruhr was the first operator worldwide to use WITRON's DPP system - a fully automated logistics system for the store-friendly storage and picking of quarter / half pallets, as well as the first German customer, which completely handed over the service and maintenance of its highly dynamic logistics system to a WITRON On Site team. The distribution center in the northeast of the Ruhr-Metropolitan currently supplies more than 1,000 EDEKA stores within the region with almost 20,000 different dry goods, fresh products, and frozen goods - it uses pallet picking systems, tote picking systems, as well as conventional pick-by-voice systems provided by WITRON. Up to 700,000 order lines on one peak day. As a general contractor, WITRON took over the entire process from design through to realization. Our On Site employees (m/f) are responsible for the service and maintenance of the system in the long-term.


EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Nord mbH, headquartered in Neumuenster, optimizes its warehouse logistics processes at their location in Luettow-Valluhn (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania). Some 770 EDEKA stores are supplied with 17,000 different articles from the dry goods assortment. WITRON was awarded the order for the design and implementation of all mechanics, IT, and control components. Once ramp-up is completed, the WITRON On Site team will be responsible for the entire service and maintenance of the automated storage and picking systems in the long-term. The system has a size of 30,000 square meters / 322,917 square feet and is designed to handle a peak picking performance of 205,600 picks per day. 


Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH & Co. KG, specialist for automotive and truck spare parts, has been operating an ultra-modern, automated distribution center at its headquarters in Ennepetal since 2008. A successful project that was designed and implemented by WITRON. A WITRON On Site team will take of the service and maintenance of the system. Propelled by excellent growth figures as well as the purchase of the British company Automotive Distributors Ltd (ADL), market-leading supplier within the spare parts segment for Japanese, Korean, and US-American vehicles, the capacities of the distribution center were further expanded in 2012. National and international Febi customers will be supplied directly from Ennepetal with a broad and permanently growing article assortment of almost 36,000 different products. An increase of the article assortment to more than 100,000 different parts is planned. The distribution center is able to pick more than 530,000 parts and to ship them on time on a daily basis. 


The REWE Group is one of the leading food retailers in Europe. The central element of REWE's logistics is the logistics center in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, with a size of 63,500 square meters / 683,508 square feet that will supply 5,500 REWE supermarkets across Germany with dry goods. The logistics center will supply some 1,400 stores with up to 24,000 different articles on a daily basis. The logistics center is designed to handle 551,000 cases, 1,150 quarter / half pallets, and 900 full pallets on a peak day. Picking is carried out in a store-friendly manner. The system is composed of an automated pallet high bay warehouse with 67,300 storage locations, an automated small parts warehouse with 201,900 tote storage locations, a tray warehouse with 95,200 storage locations, and a storage area for the automated picking of quarter and half pallets with 820 storage locations. WITRON will be responsible for the design and implementation of all warehouse, material flow, IT, and control systems as a general contractor. A WITRON On Site team takes care of the service and maintenance tasks to ensure a permanently high availability of the logistics system.

Mühldorf am Inn

At the beginning of July 2013, Netto Marken-Discount AG & Co. KG, awarded WITRON the order to design and realize the new Netto logistics center located in Muehldorf am Inn (Upper Bavaria), which will supply over 160 stores with more than 3,500 different dry goods and beverages. As a general contractor, WITRON is responsible for the development, supply, and realization of all IT, control engineering, and mechanical components.

The regional warehouse is designed to handle a peak picking performance of more than 193,000 units/day. Cases will be picked fully automated and store-friendly onto pallets and roll containers using eight OPM/COM machines. Further automated or partially automated WITRON basic modules will be used for the cost-efficient and ergonomic picking of small-volume products, bulky products, and display pallets. These were exactly tailored to the requirements of the discounter. Even the mechanized handling of beverage crates is integrated into the overall process. A six-aisle high bay warehouse with 18,750 pallet locations controls the replenishment in the individual logistics areas. The entire technology will be integrated into a footprint of more than 16,500 square meters / 54,134 square feet. A WITRON On-Site team will ensure a permanently high availability of the logistics system with regards to service and maintenance.