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Our locations in France (On Site Service)

The WITRON On Site Service has profound experience and competence in service, maintenance, and operation of logistics systems. We offer the possibility to fully or partially take over the technical and operational responsibility for the logistics system of our customers on site. Our sustainable On Site service concepts guarantee you availability, productivity and a comprehensive investment protection package for the fully automated warehouse logistics right from the beginning.

The following locations in France belong to the WITRON Group: 


As the first French food retailer, E. Leclerc's regional company SCAPAlsace awarded WITRON with the realization of its new automated logistics center located in the Alsatian city of Colmar. With the site in Colmar, close to the German border, SCAPAlsace supplies some 50 hyper-markets as well as additional 50 supermarkets and Drives (E-Commerce pick-up locations), and some 200 COOP markets located in the sales regions Alsace, Lorraine, Franche Comté, and Burgundy with almost 10,000 articles of the dry goods assortment. The mechanized WITRON solutions are able to supply up to 254,000 cases on a peak day. The innovative storage, picking, and dispatch technology will be implemented in a space-saving manner on a surface of only 32,000 square meters / 344,445 square feet. As the general contractor, WITRON is responsible for planning the logistics as well as delivering and commissioning all the IT, control technology and mechanical components. The long-term maintenance and service will be done by a WITRON On Site team.


In the new distribution center of E. Leclerc Scapest in Chalons-en-Champagne, WITRON will be responsible for the development, supply, and ramp-up of all material flow, mechanics, IT, and control components. The market-leading French food retailer relies on WITRON's modules also in its distribution center in Chalons-en-Champagne. The project will incorporate OPM for the fully-automated picking of cases, DPP for the fully-automated picking of quarter and half pallets, LPS a fully-automated layer picker system, and CPS, a semi-automated logistics system with pick-by-voice support. The complete design integrates automatic pallet and tray warehouses that can be modularly extended. The entire dispatch management will be optimized through an automated shipping buffer. 135 stores will be supplied with more than 15,000 different articles from SCAPEST's dry goods assortment. The logistics center will start productive use in 2015 and is designed to handle a peak picking performance of more than 450,000 cases per day. The majority of cases will be handled through WITRON's fully-automated OPM solution. The SCAPEST OPM will consist of 22 COM machines, enabling store-friendly and error-free order pallet building. A WITRON On Site team will take care of the service and maintenance tasks on site, and will be responsible for a permanently high system availability.