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Food Multi Channel

The integrated Multi-Channel solution for food retail

The innovative FMC concept contains a variety of strategies and functionalities to supply all distribution channels and locations of food retailers with goods. FMC offers maximum benefits through the use of the entire infrastructure of a distribution center for store supply also for the online retailer - from receiving through to dispatch!

FMC creates synergies: The Food Multi-Channel retailer uses a logistics technology and the same functional areas for the same customer data and the same articles without additional investment: From receiving, over high bay warehouse, replenishment processes, repack processes, through to picking systems, and dispatch. This multiple use allows maximum effectiveness and cost-efficiency. The decisive benefit is bundling rather than atomization!

Based on innovative processes and functionalities, the Multi-Channel distribution center FMC allows an optimum E-Commerce handling of online ordered goods. Regardless of whether these goods are being picked up by the consumer at distribution points of different sizes or directly delivered at home. High cost-efficiency and flexibility within the processes of stores, Drives, pick-up points, and Darkstores is ensured through modular mechanics in the entire material flow and at the multi-functional workstations.

A highly dynamic Multi-Channel logistics center (FMC) is the foundation for an efficient supply chain. Based on WITRON's FMC strategy it is possible to use the same WITRON standard modules to pick both store orders and Click & Collect orders, and to pick and pack online / E-Commerce orders, to be supplied directly to the consumer. Oftentimes, it requires only few adjustments in the processes and material flows to efficiently use different distribution channels. For example, through the integration of WITRON's DPS it is possible to implement a highly flexible case and piece picking.


Level of automation:
Semi-automated to fully-automated

Picking units:
Entire article assortment of end customer supply - store supply

Efficient supply of all food retail distribution channels from one central Food Multi-Channel Distribution Center (FMC DC), high synergy through inventory bundling and integrated order processing of different channels in one DC system, increase of cost-efficiency over all channels of Food Multi-Channel, continuous optimization of the entire supply chain

Industry sector:
E-Commerce / Multi-Channel in the food retail


The solution for food retail: Stores, Click & Collect, Drives, Home Delivery

Increase of integration:

  • Integrated supply of stationary and digital trade:
  • Common use of systems and processes for one efficient cross channel handling in food retail

Efficiency increase:

  • Use of all synergies of a highly dynamic full-range logistics center
  • Minimum additional logistics investment for the integration of the Multi-Channel functionalities

Increase of flexibility:

  • High flexibility in case of sales fluctuations in the different distribution channels
  • Maximum transparency through the use of an innovative Multi-Channel production control
  • Maximum functionality