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Ergonomic Tray Picking

ergonomic case picking supported by pick-by-light (beamer)

ETP is a semi-automated goods-to-person solution for the case picking. The ETP concept is ideal for distribution centers within food retail, for regional warehouses, and for fast-mover warehouses for full-range providers and discount retailers. It can be used in both ambient and cooled environments. In terms of degree of mechanization, the ETP solution impresses by its ideal combination of fully-automated replenishment and ergonomic order picking. Cases are picked from a tray mini load pick front onto pallets or roll containers using specially designed man-aboard cranes.

Every single order is picked according to its requirements, family-grouped, and based on the respective store layout. The stacking algorithm used corresponds exactly to the algorithm used in WITRON's mechanized OPM system. Based on this key functionality, users benefit from many years of field-proven experience with OPM.

For each pick, the operator cabin is automatically positioned such that the picker need not lift, carry, or bend to perform his or her pick. The key optical tool is a beamer mounted on the vehicle. This visualizes for the operator, by means of an equivalent illuminated field, where, and in what position, he or she should place the case on the order pallet or roll container. Thanks to this pick-to-light support, the pick efficiency during the case picking process is considerably increased and the store is provided with an aisle-friendly pallet or roll container.

ETP is able to reach a very high pick performance compared to conventional warehouse systems, independent of the age or gender of the picker. ETP is not only suitable for new logistics centers, but it can also be implemented into existing buildings and systems without special efforts and during running operation. Therefore, ETP is an interesting solution also for modernization projects.


Level of automation:

Picking units:

Building of store-friendly customer orders by means of stacking algorithm and laser pointer support, Ergonomic order picking, Goods-to-person

Industry sector:
Food retail


  • Picking principle: Person-to-goods
  • Designed to handle an article range of up to 4,000 different items
  • All articles for this assortment are provided in one aisle No need to sequence the order pallet
  • All module aisles work independently from each other - order will be completed in one aisle
  • Picking with highly ergonomic, IT-controlled pick shuttles - no lifting, no carrying, no bending, no foil removal
  • Shortening of the pick front to 1/20 of a conventional warehouse
  • Stacker cranes supply the pick front and remove empty trays
  • Store-friendly picking onto pallet or roll container based on an IT-generated stacking algorithm
  • Visualizing the storage position of the picked case on the load carrier by means of beamer and screen (repeated display of the storage position, the removal quantity, and product image)