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Efficient Mobile Picking

Innovative logistics processes and swarm-intelligent vehicles

The Efficient Mobile Picking system (EMP) from WITRON is proof that maximum cost-efficiency, optimal ergonomics, and maximum picking quality are not contradictory in warehouse logistics. It consists of intelligent logistics processes, fully integrated replenishment control, as well as “person-to-goods” order picking using WIBOTs - WIBOTs are autonomous picking mobiles that are linked in the sense of swarm-intelligence and take over the lead in the picking process.  The new system was developed for the logistics centers of food and online retailers, and parts distribution.

The decisive benefits of the EMP system

Based on the EMP software and EMP modules developed by WITRON especially for this solution, all processes and parties involved in the entire system are permanently linked with one other. Due to this vertical and horizontal networking of the entire process chain, direct communication allows all changes (such as master data, vehicles, machines, pick orders, replenishment orders, SKUs, stores, tours, frame conditions) to flow directly into the overall optimization.

This offers numerous benefits for the customer: optimal arrangement of goods in the pick front, efficient replenishment control, the best possible utilization of the picking team members, high pick and work safety, route-optimized and store-friendly order picking, transparency regarding stored items. In addition, the system is scalable: On request, the customer can start with a small EMP system and expand it seamlessly according to demands and business development in a modular manner.

Integration of intelligent features for order and replenishment control

Intelligent order control provides impressive added values for efficiency increase: The system access to previous and current sales numbers considering weekday fluctuations or with regard to marketing and sales actions offers the possibility of a pro-active personnel and “production planning” - in the sense of Predictive Analytics.

In addition to the double-deep and multi-depth storage, the pick front can also be stocked with different types of load carriers - with automated replenishment in “real-time” through stacker cranes. Fast movers are stored on pallets, medium movers on layer trays, and slow movers on small trays. It is also possible to integrate a tote pick front into the picking aisle. The warehouse profile is optimized through the IT-controlled alignment of the products: Based on the order data, the EMP software - a component of the innovative smart logistics 4.0 warehouse management system called - decides in a flexible and pro-active manner, which items are to be provided in which form.  This variability increases the number of products in the aisle significantly while maintaining compactness shorter driving distances. Integrated inventory functionalities and zero-crossing plausibility ensure a continuous stock reliability. Optimization effects are given through the automated empties disposal of completely picked pallets.

Autonomous vehicle - the WIBOT

In addition to the innovative logic of the EMP system, the picking mobiles called WIBOTs, developed by WITRON, are the central picking element. They navigate swarm-intelligent and guideless within the warehouse aisles and optimize the entire logistics and picking process significantly. Depending on the order workload, the number of the used picking mobiles can be adjusted rapidly and easily.


Level of automation:

Picking units:
Trading units

Autonomous picking mobiles (WIBOTs)
Fully automated replenishment
Store-friendly, parallel picking of several orders

Industry sector:
Food retail, online trade, parts distribution


  • Semi-automated person-to-goods order picking
  • Automatic replenishment into the pick aisle
  • Use of autonomous pick mobiles in the sense of swarm-intelligence
  • Integration of smart features for order and replenishment control on the basis of Smart Data and Predictive Analytics
  • Parallel picking of several orders - store-friendly, route-optimized, and ergonomic
  • Flexible use of visual and acoustic aids
  • High scalability