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Ergonomic Dynamic Picking System

ergonomic picking by means of pick-to-tote principle

An E-DPS basic module (Ergonomic-Dynamic Picking System) is principally composed of an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS) with modified rack structure that accomplishes storage, replenishment, and consolidation functions. A basic module is defined with 20,000 tote storage locations, two stacker cranes, three PMLs, a vertical conveyor with multi-variable in-feed / out-feed function, and two pick workstations. E-DPS works according to the principle goods-to-person or pick-to-tote.

What is special: Replenishment of the pick front is accomplished from two external storage aisles by means of stacker cranes. Three highly dynamic Picking Mini Loads (PMLs) arranged one above the other in the center aisle supply the picking workstations with considerably high performance. The use of specific crane and load carrying technology enables a considerably high number of inbound and outbound movements. The supply of the workstations with storage totes is done through PMLs, an additionally integrated vertical conveyor, and a small number of conveyors.

The software controls and optimizes all processes so that the installed mechanics can not only de-couple the storage and transport processes from the order picking, but also ensure the order-related and sequence-related provision of the goods. Thanks to the sitting and standing position for the picker coupled with the unique presentation of storage and order totes at the pick stations, the E-DPS presents ideal working conditions in terms of ergonomics and efficiency. Even the confirmation technology is flexible. Integrated light grids eliminate the need to count pick units, thereby insuring the highest possible pick accuracy. If necessary, the E-DPS can grow in a modular fashion - for example, if the order volume increases, if the assortment is expanded, or if a higher system performance is required. The system is able to buffer completely picked totes and provide them for dispatch according to dispatch specifications.


  • Picking principle: Goods-to-person
  • Combination of an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS) with stationary, ergonomic pick locations
  • Automatic generation of the pick front in the AS/RS by means of high-speed stacker cranes - so-called Picking Mini Loads (PML)
  • Automatic generation and sequence-friendly provision (vertical conveyor) of the picking goods at the pick stations
  • Walking is eliminated completely - seated picking is possible
  • Performance: up to 1,000 order lines per hour per E-DPS module
  • Footprint savings due to compact modular design