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Dynamic Picking System

highly dynamic picking of small parts by means of pick-by-light

The highly dynamic and automated picking of small parts in DPS is supported by a pick-by-light system. DPS works according to the principle goods-to-person or person-to-goods. Depending on the order structure, the articles are provided permanently or on demand in the pick front, enabling continuous optimization.

DPS enables the direct storage and picking in an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS).

The replenishment of the picking zones integrated in the tote warehouse is exclusively system-controlled through stacker cranes within the automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS). The classification of the article structure is permanently verified and adapted by DPS.

Based on the static and dynamic provision of the stored goods, picker walking distances are reduced by up to 75%. Integrated ergonomics plays an important role for all workstations - starting with the workstations for repacking the goods into totes through to the workstations for the order picking. The lifting and carrying of totes in the DPS is reduced to a minimum.

DPS supports different types of order picking: From tote into tote, from pallet into tote, from tote into shipping carton, etc.


Level of automation:

Picking units:
Single items + small-volume products

Combination of goods-to-person / person-to-goods, Static and dynamic provision of products in the pick front reduces the required movement within the system.

Industry sector:
Food retail, drugstore, General Merchandise


  • Picking principle: Combination of goods-to-person and person-to-goods
  • Integrated storage and picking in an automated system
  • Automated replenishment of the pick front by means of stacker cranes
  • Permanent provision of fast movers in static article channels Demand-tailored provision of slow movers in dynamic article channels
  • Compact pick front and reduction of the walking distance by up to 75%
  • ABC-friendly article provision in the pick front
  • Picking from triple-deep flow channels
  • Use of pick-by-light technology and terminal visualization system
  • Footprint savings of up to 50% compared to conventional storage