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Car Picking System

manual order picking by means of radio frequency, RF, pick-by-voice, or pick-by-light for automated replenishment

The CPS storage system is a manual order picking system for route-optimized picking of cases onto pallets or roll containers, supported by radio frequency, RF, pick-by-voice, or pick-by-light technology. The order-related replenishment of the pick front is automated through the use of stacker cranes. The positioning of an article is performed in a systematically-controlled way according to the store-friendly picking process.

According to the principle "person-to-goods" it is possible in CPS to pick several orders in parallel at one time by one picker.


Level of automation:

Picking units:
Heavy and bulky cases

Fully-automated replenishment by means of stacker cranes directly into the pick front, Reduction of the pick front through the use of layer trays + totes, person-to-goods

Industry sector:
Food retail / distribution


  • Picking Principle: Person-to-goods
  • Automatic, order-dependent replenishment by means of stacker cranes
    • Slow movers: dynamic pick locations
    • Fast movers: static pick locations
  • Pick front integrated with an automated pallet warehouse
  • Use of man-aboard pick mobiles
  • Route-optimized picking
  • Manual picking of cases onto pallet or roll container supported by radio frequency, pick-by-voice, or pick-by-light technology, as well as terminal visualization system
  • Possible to pick several orders at the same time