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CPMS - Corrugated Packaging Management System

The fully integrated standard software for the packaging industry

CPMS - Multi-/Interplant

The standard version of CPMS can be enhanced by the CPMS Multi-/Interplant module which extends all CPMS functionalities to several locations for a centralized utilization of CPMS functions (national sales organization, cross-plant planning) within a confederacy.

CPMS Multi-/Interplant allows the logical centralization of the sales department for several plants. Customer orders can be easily off-loaded to other plants within the Multiplant-confederacy subject to granted privileges of the user. The estimated cost differences of an off-loaded alternative including necessary intercompany transportation will be displayed for the user in the company’s currency prior to final decision.

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Multiplant Solution

Features of CPMS

  • Flexible solutions of cooperation between the sales departments of a company group (central/decentralized)
  • A corporation-wide standardization of important reference data e.g. paper grades, board grades, products etc.
  • Automatic calculation of the least-cost routing within a Multiplant confederacy consisting of several making plants
  • Corporation-wide product calculation, quotation and order acceptance
  • On demand off-loading of manufacturing orders in case of low capacity or machine breakdown
  • Supports the manufacturing of a single customer order in different sister plants with cross-plant delivery note and invoice creation