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CPMS - Corrugated Packaging Management System

The fully integrated standard software for the packaging industry

CPMS - Manufacturing

The CPMS Manufacturing module contains all functionalities that are necessary for the management, planning and execution of manufacturing orders (type customer or replenishment order). The machine jobs according to the released manufacturing orders will be forwarded to the CPMS Deckling Optimization and Scheduling based on the least cost route and delivery due date. The system based scheduling is realized through the customizable targets of optimization, like least cost or minimum throughput time and delivery date compliance. Your production planner will be supported by a visual scheduling board and modern schedule algorithms in order to achieve the best planning results. CPMS enables the choice between forward or backward planning methods, nevertheless the compliance of your agreed delivery deadlines will always be prioritized.

WITRON’s Shop Floor Data Collection enables real time shop floor data recording for the corrugator and the conveyor machines. This allows to dynamically plan manufacturing orders and to display live machine runtime data directly at the machines or the planner’s office. The latter is supported by customizable dashboards within CPMS. Comprehensive shop floor statistics and reports will help you analyzing your operating results, daily.

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Features of CPMS

  • Modern production planning with focus on minimum-cost, optimum machine throughput and compliance of the agreed delivery deadlines
  • Automatic availability checks (for tools, paper, etc.)
  • Consistent time dates in Production Sales and Logistics
  • Clear user interfaces by means of graphical planning tools
  • Flexibility through forward and backward planning methods
  • Latest algorithms are supporting the planner in daily work being fast and effective
  • Real time shop floor data visualization
Visual Scheduling Board