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CPMS - Corrugated Packaging Management System

The fully integrated standard software for the packaging industry

CPMS - Logistics

The CPMS Logistics Module covers all functionalities for an efficient warehouse and dispatch management. Stock transactions are executed by a uniform system functionality for all relevant material types like e. g. tools, auxiliary materials, paper reels as well as semi-finished and finished goods. This concept includes as well material-specific characteristics in this industry like e. g. tool history or paper reel handling at the corrugator.

CPMS Transport & Delivery provides modern algorithms for transportation planning as well as integrated city maps content. In this manner the planner is supported to plan delivery order pools into shipments in the most cost effective way taking into account restrictions like promised delivery date and opening hours.

The IRF (= Intelligent Radio Frequency) solution developed by WITRON is an intelligent radio frequency solution that is optimized for the use in the finished goods warehouse. IRF users can save a lot of time, since the warehouse transactions are automatically executed after scanning the barcode of the pallet label and of the storage location. Online verifications during physical operation exclude errors in warehouse transactions, especially at the truck loading. The assignment of transport orders is carried out paperless to the fork lifts equipped with vehicle mounted computers and barcode scan-ners. That means further error reduction, since manual inputs are limited to a minimum e.g. at stock taking or re-palletizing. Delivery notes and mandatory freight documents are printed automatically after the last pallet has been loaded on the truck and shipment is moved out.

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Features of CPMS

  • Automatic stock checks in Sales and Manufacturing are allowed through a high level of integration
  • CPMS supports all kinds of warehouses e.g. consignment warehouse, central warehouse etc.
  • Automatic replenishment of stock articles by system based re-order strategy
  • Internal pallet inventory management and pallet accounting for all your business partners
  • Integrated map content allows an accurate calculation of transportation times and costs for your shipments
  • Your transport planner is supported by a system-based tour planning tool which is using up-to-date algorithms
  • Our intelligent radio frequency solution allows a fast, paperless and faultless dispatch