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CPMS - Corrugated Packaging Management System

The fully integrated standard software for the packaging industry

Forecaster + Optimizer

WITRON’s Forecaster + Optimizer (F + O) is a new extension for our successful business application CPMS. Perfectly tailored for the requirements of the corrugated industry, F + O is allowing to use pre-calculated demand forecasts in order to optimize your company’s supply chain holistically. The submit-ted demands are created based on historical orders and seasonal fluctuation. The innovative mathe-matic model, behind F+O, is considering machine and warehouse capacity, set-up and runtime costs as well as costs for storage and transport for its calculations. The result is an increase of your customer’s satisfaction, due to the optimized level of your supply readiness and simultaneously rise of your cost efficiency. 

The achieved optimization’s results are least-cost lot sizes for manufacturing and optimized stock for internal and external warehouses.  The optimization is leading to a significant reduction of the actual stock level and machine setup costs, this is a result of our field studies up to now.

The forecasted demands for finished goods can be applied to the destination of paper reel demands (amounts and paper widths). This is leading to stock level reduction and procurement volume optimiza-tion concerning raw materials.

Statistical methods – already approved and successful in other industries – are used to forecast the customer order demands. The mathematical optimization model is based on Operation Research Methods which have been modified for the requirements of a corrugated plant.

The Forecaster + Optimizer can provide a decisive assistance for investment decisions for a corrugated plant, especially for topics regarding expansion or construction of warehouses. Based on historical data and growth trends, the application will detect the amount of storage locations for pallets required in the future. Together with a total cost calculation of various external storage scenarios, F + O provides a solid basis for decisions for a centralized or decentralized warehouses.

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