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Optimum mechanics for WITRON systems

our own production of conveyor systems and stacker cranes

Impelled by the speed of innovation and the specific performance and quality demands of our projects, WITRON has been developing and manufacturing conveyor system elements on its own since 2005.

In this regard, WITRON's subsidiary FAS manufactures mechanics systems specifically for WITRON standard solutions.

The product range comprises all decisive elements of the tote, tray, and pallet conveyor system. Also the Case Order Machine - central element of the OPM system, as well as the pioneering Ergonomic Picking Mobile - heart of the ETP system - are developed and produced by WITRON.

Stacker cranes for tray and tote warehouses, roller conveyor, chain conveyor, belt conveyor, vertical conveyor, transfer cars, diverters, sequencers, pushers, material flow lanes and many more are designed and manufactured to exactly meet the requirements of our customers; designed for maximum availability - 7 days a week / 24 hours around the clock.

The entire practical knowledge that WITRON has gained over decades from design, realization, and system operation is incorporated into the production of every single element. Optimizations are made wherever it makes sense. Interface problems between IT, PLC, controller, sensor technology, actuators, drives, and mechanics are a thing of the past.

The consequence: Mechanics innovation with optimum

  • cost-efficiency
  • energy-efficiency
  • ramp-up time
  • availability
  • life-time-costs
  • stability
  • wear
  • maintainability
  • maintenance intensity and spare parts consumption

And the order books show that the WITRON customers place their trust into this concept. Independent from the country, branch, or temperature range - WITRON customers worldwide rely on the top quality of our FAS technology.

FAS Subsidiary

Foundation:1996 in Saarbruecken / 2005 in Parkstein
  • Tote, tray, and pallet conveyor system
  • Tote stacker cranes
  • Tote / tray stackers
  • COM – Case Order Machine
  • CRS - Coordinate Rack Shuttle
  • Sequence buffer
Production surface:approx. 517,000 square feet
Focus:Mechanics systems for WITRON standard solutions