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Safety policy

Parkstein, November 19, 2021

Our commitment to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our employees is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. As a family business, we attach great importance to this out of tradition.

Health and occupational safety is the responsibility of the management board, supervisors and employees!

All employees cooperate responsibly when applying the safety measures daily. Everyone has the duty to point out recognized dangers as well as to eliminate potential dangers.

1) Laws and regulations

WITRON is obligated to comply with laws and regulations. Cooperation with authorities, institutions and qualified partners is maintained on an ongoing basis.

2) Workplace safety

An integral part of the health and safety management system is to design the organization and facilities in such a way that the safety and health of employees are not endangered. For this purpose, the main focus shall be placed on preventive measures. Appropriate equipment and protective clothing is provided, proper use is ensured.

3) Trainings and instructions

The company offers regular training and instruction possibilities on the topics of "occupational safety", "accident prevention" as well as "first aid". All employees are responsible and obligated to use this offer and apply the knowledge gained.

4) Investments

All necessary resources for the health and safety management system are planned and made available in coordination with the management.

5) Review of the effectiveness

The effectiveness of the decisions and measures taken is reviewed on a regular basis. Management review meetings and internal/external audits ensure that this health and safety policy is complied with and that the specified targets are met. The potential for improvement is identified and the appropriate measures taken.