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Our locations in Canada (On Site Service)

The WITRON On Site Service has profound experience and competence in service, maintenance, and operation of logistics systems. We offer the possibility to fully or partially take over the technical and operational responsibility for the logistics system of our customers on site. Our On Site service teams guarantee long-term availability and productivity for the fully automated warehouse logistics.

The following locations in Canada belong to the WITRON Group:


With some 1,300 stores, Sobeys Inc. is Canada's second-largest food retailer. While Sobeys is already operating WITRON's automated logistics solutions in its distribution center in Vaughn, Ontario, since mid-2009, the company also awarded WITRON the order to implement its new distribution center in the French-Canadian city of Terrebonne, in 2010. The city with over 100,000 inhabitants is located in the region of Quebec, some 20 km / 12.5 miles northwest of the province's largest city, Montreal. Since the beginning of 2013, the distribution center supplies over 400 Sobeys stores and over 1,600 other points of sales out of a product range of almost 18,000 different dry goods. The facility is planned to cover 39,400 square meters / 424,000 square feet and will provide a peak daily picking output of nearly 275,000 cases. WITRON realized the project as a general contractor with overall responsibility - starting with the design, over supply and installation of all mechanics, material flow, IT, and control components. A WITRON On Site team will ensure for a smooth operation of all logistics processes.

Based on WITRON's long-standing experience and competence with the maintenance and operation of logistics systems, it will be responsible for On Site service of these systems in the long-term. This will be ensured through a competent team of WITRON employees, who take over the technical or operational responsibility of the logistics system. Our electrical engineers (m/f) and mechanics (m/f) are working in the areas of system support, maintenance & repairs, optimization, and spare parts management.

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