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Box Order System

Successful logistics concept for the fresh food and beverage area

The Box Order System (BOS) is a WITRON development, which not only fulfills the high expectations in terms of product handling, but also sets new standards in the fresh food environment with regards to efficiency, throughput, and ergonomics. Based on its high flexibility, the solution can also be used for the handling of beverage crates. Many processes within the store-friendly picking of crate stacks and single crates correspond to those of the full tote handling in the fresh food environment. In addition, for this industry sector there are very few fully automated solutions with high cost-efficiency available on the market.

Design and figures

The solution has a modular design. Every module consists of one replenishment crane and four picking cranes - the so-called Box Picking Machines (BPM). After the receiving process, the single-item tote box stacks are separated from the receiving pallet and then directly stored into the pick front through the replenishment cranes. The special feature: The store-friendly tote picking is done highly dynamically by means of the newly developed BPM crane ensuring a single tote handling. The BPM was designed in a way that its light-weight telescopic fork doesn't lift, but embraces the totes or stacks. The advantage: Not only single crates, but also a number of load carriers adapted to the customer order - that means full tote stacks, partial stacks, or single crates - can be removed in a fully flexible manner from the rack. During the transportation to the next pick position, they are directly consolidated to store-friendly units without errors using the stacker crane. Finally, the built dispatch units are automatically palletized, stretch-wrapped, and provided for dispatch as double-decker pallets just before shipment.


Level of automation:

Picking units:
Standardized totes / cartons / beverage boxes

Stacking of full tote stacks in one aisle, Use of the entire building height by means of stacker cranes

Industry sector:
Fresh food + fruits & vegetables + beverages


  • Fully automated logistics system for the store-friendly storage and picking of totes / tote stacks / cartons
  • Modular design - all articles are available in every module for order picking
  • Short throughput times due to lean material flow processes
  • Fully flexible picking of tote stacks, partial stacks, or single cases directly through the Box Picking Machine (BPM)
  • Cases are stacked during their transportation to the next pick position
  • Error-free generation of store-friendly units directly through the BPM
  • Fully automated palletizing, wrapping, and just-in-time provision as double-decker pallet in the dispatch area
  • Fully-automated replenishment directly into the pick front
  • No need to destack in the receiving area
  • The storage of the tote stacks into one rack (which means height) leads to significant footprint savings
  • BOS can be used within all temperature zones - and within the beverage area