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Our locations in Belgium (On Site Service)

The WITRON On Site Service has profound experience and competence in service, maintenance, and operation of logistics systems. We offer the possibility to fully or partially take over the technical and operational responsibility for the logistics system of our customers on site. Our sustainable On Site service concepts guarantee you availability, productivity and a comprehensive investment protection package for the fully automated warehouse logistics right from the beginning.

The following locations in Belgium belong to the WITRON Group:


Delhaize, Belgium's second-largest food retailer, has been working with WITRON's automated logistics systems since 2003. The distribution center located in Asse-Zellik, a city with 30,000 inhabitants close to the city of Brussels, supplies almost 800 stores with a total of some 1.2 million cases out of an assortment of over 20,000 different articles. Especially the redesign of the entire supply chain within the fresh food logistics proves to be a great success. The Belgium food retailer was awarded the "Supply Chain Award 2011 - SC Project of the Year" for its "fresh optimization project" by the Belgian Association of Logistics VIB PICS. Here too, Delhaize relies on innovative WITRON solutions, as the core component of the concepts are the projects "Fresh II" and "Fresh III", which started production in 2009 and were additionally expanded in 2013. Maintenance and service of all mechanical system components will be done by a WITRON On Site team.

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