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Order Fulfillment at a new level

The need for innovative logistics processes remains high: The world of retail is turning faster and faster. Product ranges are expanding quickly, delivery cycles become even shorter, new products, trends, and services are developed almost daily - and logistics experts have to find sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for these requirements.  WITRON embarks on a new era of E-Commerce logistics. With a solution that is suitable for all system sizes and industry sectors, almost all business models, SKU ranges and supply channels, with short order cycle times, integrated returns handling, ergonomic, flexible, scalable, and thus highly cost-efficient. With the “All-in-One” Order Fulfillment system, E-Commerce logistics is brought to a new level.

“All” stands for...

  • all processes: From repacking the goods (if necessary), via the order picking, through to consolidation
  • all SKU ranges: Regardless of whether it concerns fast or slow movers, special offers, piece picking, or small cases: the dynamic assignment of the items to the respective picking workstations offers the decisive advantage.
  • all daily scenarios: Due to the permanent and flexible access to all products, it is possible to handle unplanned order peaks and planned sales promotions at the same time and without any problems.
  • all business models and supply channels, such as store delivery, home delivery, or pick-up points. The returns handling, regardless if returns are received from the store or the end customer is also integrated in a cost-efficient manner.
  • all system sizes and changes: Thanks to the modular design, the “All-in-One Order Fulfillment” is suitable for almost all company sizes. The flexible scalability allows an ideal adaption to the growth and changing business processes of the company.
  • all industry sectors: The flexible concept of the solution can be adapted to every application. Regardless of food, near-food, non-food, pharmaceutical, or parts distribution.
  • all order picking variants: Whether small-volume orders are being picked directly into the shipping carton at multi-functional and ergonomic workstations or store orders from a variable pick front are picked into the store tote at zone workstations. .

“One” stands for...

  • the integration of all these logistical processes and challenges in one system, which - controlled by the software - always provides the most efficient way out of the compactly designed “All-in-One” storage center via order picking, and through to dispatch. All storage levels are constantly linked with one other thanks to high-performance mechanics systems developed by WITRON.

Processes that are handled in two separate warehouse sections and need to be consolidated extensively in a conventional logistics environment are covered by “All-in-One” in only one integrated system. The result: significant efficiency and performance increase of the picking and packing processes as well as considerable investment savings. The consequence is shown in an extremely compact design, short and transparent material flows. Thus, only a minimum of conveyors is required.


Level of automation:
Semi-automated / goods-to-person

Picking units:
Case pick, piece pick

Suitable for all system sizes and industry sectors, almost all business models, SKU structures, and supply channels

Industry sector:
Suitable for every industry sector


  • Innovative E-Commerce and Multi-Channel solution
  • Independent of industry, distribution channels, SKU range, and much more.
  • Numerous application scenarios - integrated into one overall system
  • Networking of storage, order picking, consolidation, and returns management
  • Integration of different load carriers - totes, cartons, trays
  • High flexibility and scalability
  • Value added service workstations - leading-edge in terms of functionality and ergonomics
  • Smart Logistics 4.0 WMS system