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WITRON optimizes dry assortment supply chain for Plus Retail B.V.

Dutch food retailer automates warehouse logistics

20 COM machines will pick cases onto roll containers in a store-friendly manner and without making any errors.


Oss / Venray / Parkstein: The retail company, Plus Retail B.V., one of the most successful Dutch food retailers, is optimizing its dry assortment supply chain. The heart of the project is the construction of the new “National Distributioncenter” in the city of Oss, which is located in the center of the Netherlands. From there, all store orders will be processed centrally using sustainable and leading-edge logistics systems that are precisely linked with one another. The warehouse logistics processes, which until now have been operated conventionally, will be completely automated. The order for the design and realization was awarded to the general contractor WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH from Parkstein, Germany.

From November 2022, the facility with a size of 44,000 square meters / 473,600 square feet will supply 270 Plus stores nationwide with a dry goods assortment of almost 12,000 different items. On a peak day, the fully and semi-automatic WITRON systems OPM (Order Picking Machinery) with 20 COM machines, DPS (Dynamic Picking System) with 12 workstations, and CPS (Car Picking System) will pick and consolidate more than 410,000 cases onto roll containers and into totes in a store-friendly manner and without making any errors.  

A mechanized pallet warehouse with 26,800 storage locations, a tray warehouse with 357,000 storage locations, as well as a tote warehouse with 27,500 tote locations are also integrated into the facility. Highly dynamic conveyor system elements from WITRON’s subsidiary FAS as well as the intelligent WITRON software portal 4.0 ensure a material flow that is perfectly connected in a physical and data-related manner.  

The Dutch food retailer, Plus Retail B.V., headquartered in Utrecht generated sales of 2.61 billion Euros with 19,000 staff members in 2019. The market share in the Netherlands amounts to 6,5%. The retail company sells its products through its entrepreneurs and its online portal.