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Víctor Escanciano, Head of Logistics + IT: “At Condis, we use innovative and advanced logistics and order picking technology to ensure maximum service quality for our stores and online customers and to achieve maximum cost efficiency.”

Spanish logistics specialties

Fresh fish and e-commerce - how does that work? For Víctor Escanciano, Director of Logistics + IT at Spanish food retailer Condis, this is no contradiction. In the following interview, he explains how he gets people to shop in...Čtěte dále

Werk II Nord: 120,000 square meters additional production area for conveyor technology and control cabinets.

WITRON sales reach 1 billion EUR

As the international market leader in providing warehouse automation for the world’s main food retailers, the WITRON Group keeps growing strongly in 2021. With a revenue growth of 340 million euros (375 million USD) - which...Čtěte dále

Online orders with small-volume items are picked with WITRON’s DPS system at INEX.

INEX Partners: Omni-channel integration during ongoing operations

In addition to store delivery, now also e-commerce and click + collect fulfillment from the same distribution centerČtěte dále


EDEKA Nord relies on WITRON technology in Neumünster

As part of its optimization campaign “Logistics 2030”, EDEKA Nord again relies on the storage and picking systems of the general contractor WITRON from Parkstein, Germany, for the design and implementation of the new regional...Čtěte dále

Ramp-up at Mercadona’s frozen food distribution center in Guadix was completed within eight weeks despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mercadona’s frozen food warehouse in Guadix quickly reaches 100 percent performance thanks to WITRON technology

The ramp-up of the new automated frozen food warehouse of the Spanish food retailer Mercadona in Guadix (Granada, Spain), was carried out on time by WITRON. This is especially impressive as the construction and implementation of...Čtěte dále

Pioneering in terms of technology, consistency, cost-efficiency, and sustainability. The future distribution center of EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Nordbayern-Sachsen-Thüringen mbH in Marktredwitz.

EDEKA Group trusts in WITRON’s OPM technology for the eighth time

Logistics center Marktredwitz: End-to-end automation of fruits/vegetables, gourmet food, and dry goods assortmentČtěte dále

WITRON omni-channel solutions: Supply of stores and online customers from one distribution center.

Congratulations: WITRON’s subsidiary in the UK celebrates its 25th anniversary

UK market with great potential - growth in customers, projects, employeesČtěte dále

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