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Fully automated picking of a wide fresh produce range.

World premiere Flow Picking Machinery (FPM): “Just-in-time” logistics for fresh and ultra-fresh products

Almost twenty years ago, WITRON presented the first OPM solution. Now, the Parkstein-based company is continuing its success story: The fully automated Flow Picking Machinery (FPM) uses OPM technology but works without stock and...Čtěte dále

WITRON’s OPM technology: Highly available, durable, flexible, ergonomic.

“Always start with the goal in mind”

Durability and flexibility of highly dynamic logistics centersFor many years, Thomas Kerkenhoff was responsible for logistics at EDEKA Rhein-Ruhr Stiftung & Co. KG, with its network including the two highly automated...Čtěte dále


Automation for Q-Commerce

Interview with WITRON CEO Helmut Prieschenk and Noyes founder Marco PrüglmeierFor years, Marco Prüglmeier was jointly responsible for BMW’s logistics. Now, he wants to revolutionize distribution logistics in cities with Noyes...Čtěte dále

GTP picking in the fruit / vegetable area

GTP: Ergonomic, cost-efficient, store-friendly

Picking and consolidating items across all product ranges in the logistics centers of food retailers that cannot be automated is not an easy task, both in terms of process technology and ergonomics. In most cases, these products...Čtěte dále

Celebrating the joint success: the project managers of E.Leclerc Socamil and WITRON. Front row from left to right: Laurent Borneuf, Christophe de Nays Candau, Claus Holm, Adrien Ponsero. Rear row from left to right: Bertrand Fritz, Thierry Gardette, Othmane Benhammou, Jean-Marc Heilig

A paradigm shift in automated fresh food logistics

Great honors for E.Leclerc Socamil. The French food retailer received the “Rois de la Supply Chain 2022” award, the most prestigious logistics prize in France, from the “Supply Chain Magazine”. The award was given for the fully...Čtěte dále

Víctor Escanciano, Head of Logistics + IT: “At Condis, we use innovative and advanced logistics and order picking technology to ensure maximum service quality for our stores and online customers and to achieve maximum cost efficiency.”

Spanish logistics specialties

Fresh fish and e-commerce - how does that work? For Víctor Escanciano, Director of Logistics + IT at Spanish food retailer Condis, this is no contradiction. In the following interview, he explains how he gets people to shop in...Čtěte dále

Werk II Nord: 120,000 square meters additional production area for conveyor technology and control cabinets.

WITRON sales reach 1 billion EUR

As the international market leader in providing warehouse automation for the world’s main food retailers, the WITRON Group keeps growing strongly in 2021. With a revenue growth of 340 million euros (375 million USD) - which...Čtěte dále

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