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Automated High Bay Warehouse

Picking onto pallet or roll container by means of case picking, pick-by-light, or pick-by-voice

With the following storage systems and solutions for cost-efficient order picking onto pallet, roll container or grid box, WITRON can refer to the best references worldwide:

CPS - Car Picking System

The CPS enables route-optimized picking of cases onto pallets or roll containers. The system is supported by either radio frequency, pick-by-voice, or pick-by-light technology.

DPP - Display Pallet Picking

WITRON’s DPP solution is an integrated concept for the fully automated generation of store-friendly customer orders consisting of different quarter and half pallets.

ETP - Ergonomic Tray Picking

The ETP concept is ideal for food retail distribution centers, for regional warehouses, fast-mover warehouses, full-range providers, and discount retailers.

MPS - Module Picking System

Heavy, large-volume, and bulky goods can be stored and picked in a cost-effective and efficient manner with the pallet-to-pallet picking system MPS.

OPM - Order Picking Machinery

Since its market launch the patented and award-winning storage and picking system OPM has with no doubt become the world's most successful fully automated warehouse system in food logistics.