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E-Commerce and Multi-Channel - Logistics for modern distribution channels

Faster, better, more cost-efficient, more ergonomic, more durable – these five features describe the path of the logistics industry within the past decades. In addition to these criteria, logistics experts will have to face even more challenges in the future. Exciting tasks such as E-Commerce and Multi-Channel logistics affect almost all industries around the globe and change the processes inside the distribution centers. WITRON offers state-of-the-art logistics solutions for these changing distribution channels just like we have done in the past.

FMC - Food Multi-Channel

In almost all industry sectors, E-Commerce is well positioned to surpass the traditional brick and mortar store. Only the food industry has been considered an exception so far. Food retailers are searching for innovative and especially cost-efficient logistics concepts to rapidly provide consumers with goods purchased online according to fair market prices. WITRON offers a solution for this challenging process.

OFS - Order Fulfillment System

High cost-efficiency even for a small-volume picking operation, error-free picking directly into the dispatch carton, efficient order consolidation, shortest throughput times, same-day-delivery, and a transparent and integrated returns management, WITRON’s OFS fulfills all these requirements. Moreover, this system supports start-up online retailers across all stages of a typical business cycle.